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We work with you to make a website that keeps the focus on you and your event. You can have as much – or as little – info as you want on your site, and it can remain static or evolve as your event gets closer. Check out our Portfolio page to see our work. This site is for a family reunion that features a potato salad contest that happens at every reunion. Fill out the RSVP form to get the guest’s experience of this event.


Bring the kids and be ready for lots of family stories, crazy antics and swimming in the lake. Of course, bring an entry for Grandma’s potato salad contest. Please read The Contest part to update yourself on the new rule.

Thursday, April 1, 2021 at Grandma’s House by the Lake

The Contest

Listen, we’ve been planning and strategizing and test-testing our taters since the last reunion.

Due to the unfortunate incident in 2019, we are changing the rules to specify that vodka with celery juice and jalapeno peppers does not qualify as potato salad. All salads should be free of alcohol (and yes, we are looking pointedly at the guilty parties who will not be named, Dave).

Sleeping Over

Beds are always first-come, first-served at Grandma’s, so it’s always good to bring your own tents, sleeping bags, or air mattresses. Sleeping arrangements can get pretty crazy!

Other Stuff

Do you have pictures from last family reunion (that don’t depict anyone passed out from too much vodka and celery juice)? We’re thinking of making an online family album. Please text the pics to Aunt Marge.

Get Over Here!

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